Guided (E)-MTB tours

Enduro, All-Mountain, Electric Bikes (E-Bikes)
From €150 / 2hrs (without bikes)

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Guided Hikes

I’ll lead you away from the crowd & arouse your curiosity
From €150 1/2 day – €240 Day

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Treasure hunt

Follow the hints, solve the riddles and put your hand on a REAL booty
5 – 18 people / from €150

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Sleeping in a tent is an art of living
Learn the best practices with an expert

1 – 4 people / €440 

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Night Hike

Our Universe marvels & breakfast with a view
1 – 5 people / €320

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(E)-Mountain biking trips

Multiday (E)-mountain biking adventure along the most epic routes
France, Switzerland, Italy, there is a lot to explore!

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    A few words about Julien DIOT

    Sleeping alone in a tent at age 6 was only the beginning of an ambitious adventure. From my studies to testing outdoor gears in the mountains all over the world; I am doing everything I can to succeed in the outdoor sport industry. I am giving my best to bring you unrivaled experiences hiking or (E)-mountain biking around Chamonix and Mont-Blanc.

    Leading people in mountains
    Promoting french outdoor sport products

    Once I have got my STAPS (Science and Technique of Physical and Sports Activities) Bachelor Degree and my Sport Engineering Master Degree, I decided to build up my field experience hiking and mountain biking around the world. I shared those adventures on my blog World Tour Outdoor Experience and started being contacted by outdoor shops and brands. Back in France after 3 years travelling on my own I registered the brand name Ambition Outdoor. I was convinced I would start my own company one day. In 2016 I fell in love with Chamonix Mont-Blanc. Mont-Blanc area offers some of the nicest tours in the world either Trekking or (E)-Mountain Biking. This situation motivated me to start the Mountain Leader diploma… and complete it six years later.
    2022 means a lot for me now I fully completed both my mountain leader and mountain biking diplomas, the highest level of expectancy in Europe. 2023 seems promising with multiple day tours between France, Switzerland, Italy and beyond.

    Through Ambition Outdoor I provide:

    Regardless the activity you want to experience, we will live an unforgettable adventure

    Guided hikes in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

    Mountain biking guided tours in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

    Treasure hunt in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

    snowshoe hike pictogram


    Why do I lead people?

    Asking ourselves why do we do what we do requires some time to think about it. Although I’m a tech and sciences geek (thanks Dad!), I couldn’t spend my time sitting behind a display most of my life.

    From my childhood I’ve developed a strong connection to nature, sciences helping me to understand it better and deeper. Documentaries, books, conferences, podcasts … when you dig into it, you understand that everything on this planet is an extreme and complexe miracle. We are the Universe becoming conscious of itself. Everything around us is just about atoms exchanging electrons, photons, radiations, connecting to each other to create molecules more and more complex and this process going on for the last 15 billion years allows me today to write down these lines on my keyboard. I’m so fascinated by the beauty of Life and natural sciences that I want to stay tuned to this reality when I’m in contact with Nature.

    After being off topic a little moment, my first motivation to this question was to share my trekking and mountain biking adventures with other people. After years doing outdoor activities for myself making memories on my own, I wanted to create collective memories we could remember to each other, to bond with each other. I didn’t know I could earn my living by doing so until I’ve got myself settled in Mont-Blanc area. But leading people from all around the world brought me to something deeper.
    People contacting me want to:

    • live a dream
    • create new friendships
    • create a strong memory with their friends/relatives
    • realise a life project
    • challenge themselves
    • discover an area, its culture and its people

    It is not a casual adventure anymore and hiring a guide has a real cost too (without forgetting all the parallel expanse such as transportation, accomodation, gears, …). You honor me with your trust when you send me an email, hence I must give my best making sure the project we are co-creating matches all your expectations. I want to create a long time relationship with you to share my passion and understanding about our world. I don’t want to live only one but many trekking and mountain biking adventures in your company. Thank you for who you are.