Bicycle service

Bicycle service

Nice days are coming ahead and it’s time to ride your mountain bike on your favorite trails! However after several months in your garage, you are not sure it’s safe to ride…

Get your bicycle serviced by a professional directly at your doorstep

After getting years of experience as bike mechanic in a workshop, I decided to start my own business. Based in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, I offer my skills to whom needs their bicycle serviced, fixed or assembled. If you are located between Sallanches and Chamonix-Mont-Blanc or around Mont-Joly, I will save you a lot of time, which means you will ride your bike more often.

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    Rate & Payment

    How much does this doorstep bike service cost?

    • 10€ /visit if I don’t fix anything
    • 60€ /h
    • the parts

    How to pay my doorstep bike service?

    You can pay me by Paypal, Lydia or Credit Card. My iZettle2 allows you to pay with your card the same way you would do in a shop, with invoice and repair description sent by email for your accounting.


    How does it work?

    How does this bike service and repair work?

    Situation 1: You already have the right spare parts to fix your bicycle at home

    In this case your bike will be fix on first visit ensuring high quality service by a professional. Assembling a brand new bike or a frame kit with every elements constituting a bike also takes part in this category.

    Situation 2: You don’t have the right spare parts to fix your bicycle at home

    I have the spare parts for general maintenance. However in the bicycle industry each manufacturer creates its own standard and selects its components from different suppliers. Therefore I’ll need to order those ones before fixing your bicycle. . Repair leading to manufacturer replacement with proof of purchase are better to deal with your local bike shop and the concerned brand. If you’ve bought your (E)-bike from internet, I can help you with the after sale service on the manufacturer website.

    Be sure that my service will be faster and cheaper than in any bicycles shop.


    Make sure your bike is safe before you ride it