K-lamp MTB lights


Experience mountain biking at night

From November to Mars, shorter days frustrate me due to the lack of sunlight. It’s even worst when you live in a mountainous area such as Chamonix. You think back about those long summer days and don’t feel ready for winter yet. It’s not even snowing, just cold and the weather miserable.

The only thing keeping a smile on your face is riding your mountain bike in tons of leafs, drifting corners and going at full gas on empty trails during the low season. But the light goes down too quick and its already time to head back home…unless you have a powerful spotlight with you to turn darkness into light! This is when K-lamp products should get your interest.

K-lamp offers a wide range of mountain biking lights from city purpose to racing at night. One of K-lamp light is so powerful that enduro motorbikers use it too. All K-lamp bike lights are waterproof and come with helmet holder. You can also add a remote control on your handlebars and choose the battery capacity that suits you the best.

Here is my selection regarding your bicycle activity at night:

  • EXR1100 from €75,90
  • 1100 lumens. The weakest light output yet sufficient for most uses under 20 km/h. Many accessories included.
  • EXR1600 from €94,90
    • 1600 lumens. It’s a perfect all-rounder weighting only 65 grams . This lamp can be used for any outdoor activities at night and costs less than €100. One beam is spread while the other is more focused to remove all shadows.
  • EXR1700 or EXR1700 FreeRide (more focused beam) from €124,90
    • 2200 lumens and not 1700. These lamps are more oriented towards mountain biking on technical singletrails. It gains a deflector to both avoid light dispersion and reorient photons in the right direction. The K-Lamp EXR1700 FreeRide is my personal choice with a great balance between power, weight (76gr) and cost.
  • EXM3400 from €154,90
    • 3400 lumens. 2 focused beams on each side instead of one and a wider beam in the middle. This is brutal power and it makes sense if you are an experienced mountain biker or enduro motorbiker. This lamp needs speed and wind to cool down otherwise it will overheat at maximal power and will automatically reduces its light output to avoid damage.

Good point: each one of these lamps have a powerful red light at the back. It can be adjusted independently for your own safety on the road. Make sure you use the smallest amount of front light power to not blind road users.


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K-lamp is located in Southwest of France, more precisely in Béarn area. Their products are well known in the Pyrenees from the mountain biking communities and deserve to be known elsewhere. I must say Patrick is a strong mountain biking enthusiast. When passion meets engineering, it cannot turn bad. A week after I contacted Patrick, Vojomag wrote a great article about two of K-lamp’s products:  EXR 1600 and EXM 3400. If you are wondering what these number means, its the light output in lumens. If you’re looking for a mountain bike light this fall-winter making no compromise, visit K-lamp website.

K-lamp: Known from word of mouth

I have heard about K-lamp via Instagram. A friend of mine I’m following runs his mountain biking school in the Basque Country. One of his posts highlighted a powerful yet not expensive mountain bike light. Compared to its competitors, I soon realised that those mountain bike lights were outstanding as well as twice less expensive than well-known lights brands matching the same specs and qualities.