Fatbike: a mountain bike with fat tyres

FatBikes come from Alaska; although the first design was created by the French cyclist Jean Naud in 1980. It’s truly an all-rounder: weather or tracks conditions do not matter. FatBikes stand out during winter when tracks are covered by a light snow layer: no bike is better than this one for this! As you will see, there are not many flat trails in the surroundings. You will be happy riding an Electric Fatbike!

E-FatBike: Guided tours in Chamonix Mont Blanc

Photo Credit :  Marc Chaudeur Photographies

Rates and Contact


1 to 4 people

  • €150 / 2hrs
  • €190 / 3hrs

5 to 8 people

  • €190 / 2hrs
  • €230 / 3hrs
8 to 16 people (2 Guides)

  • €380 / 2hrs
  • €460 / 3hrs

Video editing option

  • + €100



    For €2,06/day, it’s highly recommended to subscribe a personal accident insurance  as we evolve in a potentially dangerous environment.


    A wonderful E-fatbike tour

    Riding a fatbike on snow requires a certain set of skills that you only get with experience. Getting your position right, with the right gears and the right level of assistance… There is a lot of things to manage at the same time. I am here to share my years of practice and skills and help you ride safely with a lot of fun! By the end of our adventure, you will be amazed by what you have accomplished.
    Click on the following picture to have a look at my latest Instagram stories. They will give you an insight on what you can expect from an E-fatbike tour.


    What should you take for this E-fatbike tour?

    For your own comfort, please follow these recommendations to fully enjoy our E-FatBike tour in Mont-Blanc area.


    • Woolly hat
    • Warm hiking gloves (with thermal liner when temperatures  < 0°C)
    • Synthetic or merino wool long sleeves base layer
    • Warm jumper
    • If < 0°C a down jacket
    • Ski or Gore-Tex ® jacket
    • Ski pants or long stuffed pants
    • If < 0°C synthetic or Merino wool legging base layer 3/4 or full
    • Gaiters to keep your feet dry
    • Warm socks
    • Waterproof and warm shoes
    • Buff ® or scarf


    • Small Backpack (15L minimum)
    • Thermos filled with a hot beverage
    • Cereal bars or hard fruits (apple, dry fruits, …)
    • Polarised sunglasses
    • Sunscreen
    • Credit Card for the bike deposit (up to €1000/bike)
      No American Express for the deposit
    • Cash (€) for a beverage in refuge

    Rental shops

    Sport Spirit

    E-FatBike rental in Les Houches & St Gervais – Le Fayet

    Sport Spirit  is located in Le Fayet making it ideal to explore Val Monjoie or Saint Gervais ski resort. This bike shop works with the brand Moustache for its E-FatBike.

    The shop is opened from Tuesday to Saturday 9:00am – 12:00pm / 02:30pm – 06:30pm

    Directions to Le Fayet shop

    Legend CHX

    The widest bicycle choice in the valley of Chamonix

    Legend CHX offers the most important choice of bicycles around Chamonix. The shop is open everyday, however it closes between 12:30 and 03:00pm.

    To book your E-Fatbike with Legend CHX, the best way is to visit their website and select the Cube Nutrail Hybrid.

    E-fatbikes you can rent from Legend CHX

    Directions to Legend CHX



    • Booking will only be completed once you’d paid the 20% deposit for your rental.
    • Make sure you have a sufficient balance on your account for safety deposit
    • All booking starts between 9:00 and 10:00 am
    • You cannot park your car on Legend’s carpark to go shopping somewhere else

    Alpes Aventures

    E-bike rental shop in Megève – Praz-sur-Arly

    Alpes Aventures doesn’t have e-fatbike. However you will benefit from my experience to use their e-bikes on snow.

    Opening hours change during the period of the year. It’s better to check on Google.

    E-bikes you can rent from Alpes Aventures


    Directions to Alpes Aventures