Micro Adventures

Micro Adventures

What is a micro adventure?

Alastair Humphreys, British adventurer, defines micro adventure as an outdoor experience without exceeding 2 to 3 days. Because it is short and local, we can live more adventures to stay away from our displays.

Above all, micro adventures are accessible for a wide majority of people who don’t have enough time or wealth mandatory to get trained and adventure on longer trips. To be coherent with environmental dilemmas, our micro-adventure must follow some simple rules:

  1. Taking less time (perfect, you don’t have much anyway)
  2. Taking place around your home (less than 4hrs carpooling / train / bus < 3 days)
  3. Must cost less (another great news!)

Not so long ago taking a plane to live an adventure abroad was the backpacker dream and tourism was just starting. A micro-adventure is its antithesis, pushing you to discover what surrounds you instead. Travelling is a state of mind not a destination.

It is now time to give you new perspectives with my micro-adventures.

Rates & Contact

  • Micro-Bivouac     4 people max:
    • Including gears
    • €440 
  • Tandem-Bivouac    1 person:
    • Tandem & pilote included
    • Bivouac gears included
    • Ride sharing to Lake Léman
    • €650 2 days



    Bivouac: one of the greatest micro-aventure

    When you talk about bivouac most people know what you are referring to. Sleeping outdoors is by definition an amazing adventure. Although my parents aren’t hardcore adventurers, I’ve always been fascinated by tents since I was 6 because I find it amazing that a 30x15cm bag can pack a shelter protecting us from rain, wind and most importantly monsters and other scary noises occurring at night! The adrenalin and excitement were so strong that I wasn’t scared. I spent many adventures under a tarp or tent, so much that when I came back from Peru I couldn’t sleep in my bed left two and a half years earlier.

    A micro adventure relies on good gears and preparation

    Doing a bivouac goes beyond sleeping in a tent. It is a micro-adventure that requires excellent thinking and packing skills to reduce the weight down to 8kg/people for one night (including food). If it weights more you won’t appreciate this bivouac as it might feel too difficult. Everything must be well organised to:

    • make each action efficient (drybags with different colours, ziploc bags, organisation within the bag, meals, coordinates of the bivouac, how to organise your outer pockets to keep your backpack on…)
    • protect your sleeping equipment from natural elements (rain, snow, wind, mud, sand, …) Keep in mind that the strictness of a bivouac is the same as a surgeon in the surgery room!
    • make sure your gears are adapted to optimise the ratio weight /volume / comfort

    Bivouac all-inclusive thanks to my partnership with Qaou Outdoor

    Qaou gave me the opportunity to co-develop a tent as I’m both Engineer and Mountain leader. Trough our partnership you can discover great outdoor products designed in France, made from recycled plastic and engaged to be as sustainable as possible. Apart from a sport outfit and a pair of shoes adapted to mountains and difficult terrain, I provide everything else!

    How many people can join our micro-bivouac?

    In order to get to know you, answer your questions and teach everything you need to know about a bivouac, I limit this micro-adventure to 4 people maximum. I prefer quality over quantity!


    A micro-adventure on a two wheel drive tandem

    Well this is no common bike tandem. This one is well thought for travelling around the world! After a deep market study about bike tandem I realised several things:

    • 99% tandems have both cranks linked by a chain (the strongest imposes the pace)
    • The driving position is often the same for both (while you enjoy the landscape, the other enjoy your back…)
    • It is tough to transport the tandem if you can’t fold it quickly!
    • Where do you find the specific parts for your tandem? (Exclusivity= pricey)

    Firs stroke of luck, the European importer of this 2WD tandem is 1hr away in Annecy. Second stroke of luck: Riders have different seating positions (better aerodynamic, view and communication) and parts are not specific. Third stroke of luck: after trying one in 2021, a second hand foldable bike tandem well equipped was available: Bingo!

    Instead of a long speech about how it works, discover this weird bike tandem in action:

    A tandem bike flatten your differences

    It is rare that two people possess an equal level of fitness, either as a couple or between friends. We must also take consideration of morphological differences, strength and mental resistance. At least with a tandem you start together, arrive together and seize the moment together. Therefore the level of sharing a tandem offers is outstanding in the micro-adventures universe.

    Tandem-Bivouac: an unique micro-adventure around Léman!

    For a fabulous experience I will teach you how to steer this wonderful tandem. The offset between its handlebars and the front wheel requires an excellent balance and feedbacks to maintain your trajectory. After a few hours as a “stocker” in the front seat to get use to it, I will let you try the driver seat. If you are doing well, we will keep it this way (some risks are worth taking!).