What’s the difference between bivouac and camp?

Bivouacking and camping are both about sleeping in a tent or under a tarp. However the difference is about time. While you can leave your tent setup when you camp, you can only install your tent after sunset and pack before sunrise when you bivouac.

Rates & Contact

  • 1 Night bivouac    4 people max:
    • Including gears
    • €440 


    Bivouac: one of the greatest micro-aventure

    When you talk about bivouac most people know what you are referring to. Sleeping outdoors is by definition an amazing adventure. Although my parents aren’t hardcore adventurers, I’ve always been fascinated by tents since I was 6 because I find it amazing that a 30x15cm bag can pack a shelter protecting us from rain, wind and most importantly monsters and other scary noises occurring at night! The adrenalin and excitement were so strong that I wasn’t scared. I spent many adventures under a tarp or tent, so much that when I came back from Peru I couldn’t sleep in my bed left two and a half years earlier.

    Bivouacking relies on good gears and preparation

    Doing a bivouac goes beyond sleeping in a tent. It is a micro-adventure that requires excellent thinking and packing skills to reduce the weight down to 8kg/people for one night (including food). If it weights more you won’t appreciate this bivouac as it might feel too difficult. Everything must be well organised to:

    • make each action efficient
    • protect your sleeping equipment from natural elements. Keep in mind that the strictness of a bivouac is the same as a surgeon in the surgery room!
    • make sure your gears are adapted to optimise the ratio weight /volume / comfort

    Bivouac all-inclusive thanks to my partnership with Qaou Outdoor

    Thanks to my partnership with Qaou you can discover great outdoor products designed in France, made from recycled plastic and as sustainable as possible. Apart from a sport outfit and a pair of shoes adapted to mountains and technical trails, I’ll provide you everything else.

    How many people can join our micro-bivouac?

    In order to get to know you, answer your questions and teach everything you need to know about a bivouac, I limit this micro-adventure to 4 people maximum. I prefer quality over quantity.