Training courses

Training courses

My area of expertise allows me to share my knowledge and know-how in several fields. In those training courses, I will transmit everything I learnt from my years of practice until now.

Bicycle mechanic

Even though bicycles are not as complicated as cars, they are still made of high technologies. Those ones require a good technic for your own safety and that of others. This training course is split in two sections:

  • Prevention: what you need to check before riding
  • Reparation: how to fix your bike away from home

As a bicycle mechanic and mountain bike enthusiast since 2002, you will be sure to get the right answer to your questions. Bicycle won’t have any secrets for you anymore.

Topo map – Smartphone and free GPS application

If you are a mountain guide or a professional taking groups of people in nature, being able to get your bearings and transmit a clear message to the first-aider are compulsory. In this training course, I go through everything important you need to master. I help you to use your own gear and advise you to buy the right equipment.

As a professional mountain leader supported by years of worldwide outdoor experiences, you will get the right resources to operate safely with your customers.

How to set your camera properly?

Nature offers an infinite range of landscapes making each location a new wonder day after day. However there is always a difference between what we see and what we shoot with our camera. Whether you shoot with a proper camera or your smartphone, learn how to set your camera properly before taking a picture and how to enhance those ones before sharing.

Debate about our world / society

Helped by my backpacking travel background, I have been participating a lot with the STAPS University of Clermont-Ferrand II over the last years to answer questions students may have about the professional world and world global trends. The French educational system is by far one of the worst in Europe. You can pass every exam (even a master degree or PhD) without being prepared to nowadays reality. I am here to refocus priorities towards personal development and giving students the right keys to thrive and success in their life.

My favorite topics

  • How did traveling on my own changed me?
  • Why are we running to our lost instead of our rise?
  • Technologies and behaviors that can help us to have a better relationship with our ecosystem
  • Why our society only rewards fake responsibilities instead of skills or intellect?

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