Snowshoeing: Half-day

Snowshoeing: Half-day

Few people take consideration of wild life distress during winter. Nonetheless ski touring without a professional or with your dog unleashed are both as deadly as avalanches for wild animals. Come discover with a professional the fragility of this environment to learn a lot more about it.


Snowshoeing: A Respectful approach towards the wild life

With our snowshoes we are the most privileged person to observe nature. While big open spaces are great for skiers, the forest and its entangled trunks are only for us. Well, no exactly. This is where warm-blooded animals made the choice to stay during winter instead of migrating to warmer locations. Our goal is not to drive them out in front of us, they already have a hard time trying to thrive with little food around. For instance a black grouse doesn’t spend the whole winter if we (or a dog) disturb it more than 3 times. On the other hand I will teach you how to become a real trapper!
Along our half-day snowshoeing tour, I will teach you how to:

  • Evolve off the beaten tracks
  • Understand the different snow layers
  • Appreciate the silence within the heart of the forest
  • Read the footprints left by animals and discover which way they go
  • Understand how those animals adapt themselves to thrive in such demanding winter conditions
  • Identify birds from their sing

Snowshoeing: Off the beaten tracks and fun downhill

When the snow conditions make it possible, evolving off the tracks with our snowshoes is a wonderful experience both uphill and downhill. Snow flatten the irregularities of the ground and make it smooth allowing us to choose our own gradient of difficulty. Downhill, learn how to surf on top of a delightful snow untouched by the sunbeams in the forest: the steeper the better! Sliding on your feet … finishing sometimes by slipping on your butt, the smile on your face and your laughs in the air will be your rewards!

Guiding price: €140 without equipment – 1 to 5 people