Polarized bamboo sunglasses


These polarized bamboo sunglasses won’t leave you indifferent! Yes, it is real bamboo and not a plastic imitation so they are super lightweight and they float if you accidentally drop them in a lake or in your swimming pool! They also offer a unique asymmetrical design with only the left leg engraved with the Mont-Blanc mountain range shape as they are design in the beautiful Chamonix, the international capital of mountaineering. As we are surrounded by glaciers and bright light, lens are polarized and category UV3 with 6 colors available to match your style. Polarized sunglasses are quite magical and give details you won’t see otherwise, eliminating stray reflection and boosting contrasts.

With their stylish sunglasses bag, you will be ready for your next adventure!

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Handcrafted polarized sunglasses made of bamboo


  • Polarized polycarbonate lenses
  • 100% UV filtration
  • Frame: 144 mm
  • High: 42mm
  • Nose: 20mm
  • Lens wide: 53mm
  • Leg: 140mm
  • Free shipment to metropolitan France from 80€ spent

Why bamboo?

  1. Easy to plant, harvest, use and recycle
  2. Low water needs
  3. Generates the biggest biomass in the shortest time (some species grows up to 1mm every 90 seconds)
  4. Bamboo absorbs 5x more CO2 than trees on the same area, while producing 35% more O2
  5. Bamboo roots stabilize grounds and its leaves improve water infiltration in the floor
  6. Produces its own antibacterial agent (human treatment free)
  7. Edible (antioxidant and mineralizing benefits)
  8. Better mechanical properties than steel or concrete

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Verres / Lens

Noir / Black, Thé / Tea, Bleu / Blue, Vert / Green, Orange/ Orange, Jaune / Yellow, Rose/ Pink