Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Discover Chamonix from every angle on your bike

Mountain Biking is a sport activity you can do in so many different ways that everyone can enjoy it. From the quiet Sunday ride to the expedition on multiple days, mountain biking will always be fun!

All Mountain MTB: Guided tours in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Photo Credit: Quentin Iglésis

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1 to 5 people.
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Electric MTB

Make the impossible possible

Electric Mountain Bikes completely changed the bicycle world. If you are an advanced Mountain Biker, the E-Bike will allow you to reach places way beyond your strength! Also, it allows people who doesn’t have much time or the motivation to ride their mountain bike often to have fun.

Electric MTB available for rental

Our partner Legend CHX offers a full suspensions electric mountain bike for our guided tours in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc:

Recent electric mountain bike test put Giant on the winners’ podium. World bicycle manufacturer leader, Giant created here an electric bike with an attractive look and excellent components at this price rate. Here is the Giant Trance E+ 2 2019 we will use for our guided tours. Its 160mm front and 140mm rear travel full suspension frame with the carbon fiber Maestro upper link offer a good behaviour to this bicycle. Thanks to the electric assistance, the bike efficiency isn’t determining. Its wheels are at the 27.5+ standard offering the maximum grip in any situations. This Electric Mountain Bike will not disappoint you! €55/3hours.


All-Mountain MTB

The Mountain Bike for long distances

It is the recommended bike for multi day trips such as the Tour du Mont Blanc. All-Mountain MTB  are lighter and more efficient uphill than Enduro MTB. It allows you to ride long distances in the mountains thanks to its lower suspension travels (140-150mm).

All Mountain Bikes available for rental

Our partner Legend CHX offers three models for our all mountain MTB guided tours in Chamonix:

Giant is the world leader in mountain bike manufacturing. Its business model is the key to its success: quality mountain bikes that work very effectively at an affordable price. The Trance 2 2018 is a wonderful MTB to begin on our All-Mountain Tours. Well equipped and light enough, it will lead you to the world’s end! €50/3hours.

All Mountain MTB: Giant Trance 2 2018

If you want an upgrade, SantaCruz offers two models. Both use a carbon fiber frame, a better suspension cinematic (VPP 2) and a playful character.

The Bronson C 2018 is the best compromise in any situation: Lightweight; stiff, well-balanced, playful, … it is hard to find a better bike with 150mm suspension travel! With this mountain bike, you will have as much fun uphill as downhill! €80/3hours.

SantaCruz Bronson C 2018

The HighTower LT 2018 comes from another world: the TwentyNiners’. Ideal on tracks  where you don’t need to brake too much, 29ners are made to go fast, very fast! Its thick wheels mean that the downhill is so smooth, that you won’t even need to touch the brakes. It is slightly less playful than the Bronson but if you haven’t tried TwentyNiners yet, our All Mountain MTB tours are the opportunity you were waiting for! €80/3hours.

SantaCruz HighTower LT 2018

Enduro MTB

The Mountain Bike Spirit

Enduro Mountain Bikes  are light enough (Kg 14-15) to be easy to carry on your back if you cannot pedal anymore. During the downhill, enjoy the qualities of your mountain bike! Its stiffness, geometry, suspensions (160-180mm travel) and braks are made to feel safe and go fast no matter what is going on under your wheels.

Enduro weapon available for rental

Our partner Legend CHX offers two mountain bikes for our Enduro mountain biking guided Tours in Chamonix:

Giant is the world leader mountain bike manufacturer. Its solution is simple: offering a mountain bike that works great at an accessible price. Stiff, stable and precise, the Reign is here to make you feel safe when you decide to push it fast on technical singletrails. This mountain bike will lead you quietly but surely to the start of each downhill you plan to do! €55/3hours.

Giant Reign 2 2018

If you want to enjoy your ride even more, Santa Cruz can offer you what is currently the best at high level: carbon fiber frame, VPP suspension and an insane look! The stiffness from the carbon fiber frame and the rear suspension cinematic on the  Nomad stand out in the Enduro World.  €80/3hours.

Santa Cruz Nomad 2018

Clothing and MTB Settings

What you should wear for this guided Tour


Here are some recommendations :

  • Cyclist shorts with chamois pads
  • Shorts or leggings
  • Synthetic short sleeves T-shirt.
  • (Sun)glasses protection
  • Gloves, Helmet et elbow/knee pads
  • Backpack 15L/person minimum
  • Water Tank 1.5L/person minimum
  • Cereals bars and dry fruits
  • A credit card for the bike rental deposit (up to €1500/MTB)


Everyone has different preferences to set his/her mountain bike. Please specify in the message box at the checkout if you want to:

  • Mount your own pedals, handles, handlebars or seat post
  • Reverse your break (Right hand: front break)
  • Set specific suspensions values (prestress, compression, rebound)

Protections and Repair kit can be provided for free by Legend CHX (Helmet, gloves, knee pads, spare tube, patches and pump).

Meeting Point

Legend CHX

Come at the shop at 9:30am 12:30pm or 04:00 pm

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