E-Fat Bike

E-Fat Bike

Fatbike: a mountain bike with fat tyres

FatBike MountainBikes come from Alaska; although the first design was created by the French cyclist Jean Naud in 1980. It’s truly an all-rounder: weather or tracks, the conditions do not matter. The FatBike stands out during winter when tracks are covered by a light snow powder: no one is better than it for this! As you will see, there are not many flat trails around the valley of Chamonix and I assure you, you will be happy riding an E-Bike!

E-FatBike: Guided tours in Chamonix Mont Blanc

Photo Credit :  Marc Chaudeur Photographies


Here is how to book for a guided e-fatbike tour:

Step One

Book your e-bike at Legend CHX
using the Rental Form
E-Fat Bike:€40/person (helmet included)
A €800/MTB Safety Deposit on your Credit Card is COMPULSORY.

Step Two

Once you have got your Fat bikes with Legend CHX, call me (my phone number is in the footer). I only work with Legend CHX for mountain biking tour, therefore if you were able to rent Fat bikes, I will be able to lead you.


A wonderful MTB tour in the Valley of Chamonix

Cube Nutrail Hybrid 500 2016Regarding when you’ve managed to rent your electric fat bikes, we will meet at Legend CHX. Here I will explain to you how the electric assistance works before we go. During our tour, I’ll give you informations about how to react and how to use your E-bike depending the difficulties ahead. Be reassured, I only take you where you feel comfortable or capable at. My advices will help you to excel in places you never thought to be capable of!


What should you wear for this tour?

For your own comfort, please follow these recommendations to fully enjoy our E-FatBike Tour.


  • Warm hat
  • Warm gloves (with silk liner when temperatures  < 0°C)
  • Technical warm and breathable T-shirt with long sleeves
  • Warm jumper
  • Rainproof and Windproof shell like Gore-Tex ® jacket
  • Ski touring pants (€30 at Quechua ®) or long bib pants
  • Eventually  leggings (when temperatures  < 0°C)
  • Gaiters to keep your feet dry
  • Warm socks
  • Waterproof Trekking shoes


  • Small Backpack (15L minimum)
  • 2L watertank (better) or a bottle of water
  • Cereal bars or hard fruits (apple, dry fruits, …)
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Payment method (Credit Card, € Cash)
    No American Express for the deposit

Meeting Point

Legend CHX

Click on the image below to see how to get to Legend CHX

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