Qaou Beluga Tent


Qaou Beluga: 6 in 1 tent for 3.05 kg

I’m already hearing people thinking 3.05kg isn’t light! It’s true but it’s the weight for the whole package. The tent itself only weights 2kg, including a strong fabric for the hammock (500gr each) in order to hold up to 150kg. Here is the weight distribution for the different configurations:

When I was traveling around the world between 2012 and 2015 I had both a tent and a hammock as both have strengths and weaknesses. With this Qaou Beluga I can adapt my packaging to the situation and split the equipment with other people if needed. Here are its different configurations:

Why am I helping Qaou for their products?

I believe small companies can offer better quality products than big ones. They are more careful to their customers, their chain of decision is shorter therefore innovation comes faster.

The team behind Qaou is really motivated to become an important actor in the new era of eco-friendly outdoor sporting goods. Relocating our economy is also a strong motivation to promote the French know-how and being proud of it.

This Beluga is already great for most people. As a professional mountain leader I can advise small improvements to help Qaou making their products even greater.


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Who’s Qaou Outdoor?

Qaou is a French company established in South of France since 2016. Their owners aimed to develop a multifunctional tent and started raising money on crowd funding platforms. I’ve heard of their latest product through a raising campaign on Kick-starter, but also on French TV broadcasts and outdoor magazines about their multifunctional tent: the Qaou Beluga.

They caught my interest because their Beluga tent gathers many criteria I was looking for:

  • Designed in France by a small family business
  • Eco-friendly: made of recycled polyester
  • No chemical coloration (hence the tent is white)
  • Listening to their customers’ feedbacks to improve their products
  • Its great modularity