My Utility Bag


One backpack for your everyday life

MUB is the abbreviation of My Utility Bag.You will soon understand why this backpack is the best of its kind.

I first discovered this backpack in 2013 when I was in Australia during my World Tour Outdoor Experience. As a blogger, outdoor sport enthusiast and world traveler this backpack appeared to be the Only One I truly needed. Here is how this backpack is organized.

Three main compartments to organize your journey

These three compartments are the biggest strengths of this travel bag. They allow you to perfectly separate your equipment regarding the different activities that will take part during your journey. They offer a direct access to their contents. This ease of use was rewarded by a Red Dot design in 2014 a year after the first backpack appeared on the market: the OnlyOne.

Main compartment: Clothing and bathroom Kit

This compartment takes 2/3 of this backpack. It is composed of 3 mesh pockets with a zipper to let you see their content throughout. This clothing compartment is designed in a way you can fully open it in 2 halves like a suitcase. Therefore you can spot the whole content in one look. Another small detail makes a real difference: a tiny icon identifies each area to let you know what you should store in each mesh pocket. Packing your backpack becomes super efficient and you will be assured that you won’t forget anything.

Laptop Compartment: Well protected with its charger

The laptop pocket is in the heart of this utility backpack. It allows laptop up to 17 inches. As a sensitive accessory it’s a smart choice to protect it from impacts or bad treatments that can happen during public transportation. This compartment also includes a small detail that makes it stands above any other backpack of its kind. A hole between the laptop compartment and the top pocket let you plug your laptop without taking out your charger from your backpack. This way you are certain you wont forget your charger at home, after a meeting or while waiting for your departure at the airport gate.

Third compartment: Documents, pencils, hard drive and business card

This backpack is first designed for businessmen/businesswomen having a lot of fairs or meetings. Your gesture matters as much as your look during a meeting and this backpack will make you look very confident in your actions. The business compartment separates documents in two areas. You will find the document you need as soon as your hand goes down in your backpack. You will spot directly what you need in a single look between your documents, business card, pencils or hard drive.

A bag thought for public transport

Although this backpack is already outstanding, it doesn’t stop here. Each step you will go through during a trip to go to work or to reach your meeting have been thought. You will avoid a lot of stress and save time.

On each shoulder strap you will find a zipped pocket to store some coins or your bus/train ticket. Your bathroom kit is transparent to show its content at the airport safety check. A dirty laundry bag separates your clean clothes from the dirty ones. A pocket beneath the backpack stores the rain cover in case of heavy rainfalls.

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About its creator

I worked with Andreas Gugenheimer during my Master degree in 2011-2012. As a web architect I was in charge of the new design of the job board Sportyjob. When I discovered his new traveling backpack in July 2013 I immediately contacted him. Since I have a daily use of this bag and take it each time I’m taking public transportation for short 2-3 days trips.

Andy is a visionary actor in the sport industry. He has over 30 years devoted to this market as head hunter, sales representative or athlete manager. When he realized each backpack he owned failed his use, he decided to develop his own. After 4 years of research and development the backpack showed up on the market followed by a strong success both from its numerous qualities and Andy’s professional network.

If you want to read more about this backpack, you can follow this link to access reviews in several newspaper and web articles.