Bamboo watch 44mm

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Bambou: Le Génie de la nature

Dessinées à Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, nos montres bambou sont réalisées à la main et les matériaux proviennent de sources durables. Très légère, vous ne sentirez même pas cette montre à votre poignet, la rendant très confortable à porter. Le dégradé naturel du bambou vous permet de porter cette montre avec toute votre garde robe, ajoutant une touche élégante et écologique à votre look.

Il est également très facile de changer le bracelet de la montre pour faire correspondre cette dernière à vos goûts et humeur du jour.



Bamboo: Nature’s genius

Designed in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, our bamboo watches are handcrafted and materials come from sustainable sources. Very light, you will not feel this watch at your wrist, making it extremely comfortable to wear. The natural wood shades of bamboo allow you to wear this watch with all your clothing, bringing an elegant and ecological touch to your look.

It is also really simple to change the watchband to match your watch with your tastes and mood of the day.


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Handcrafted natural bamboo watch made of sustainable bamboo


  • Weight: 27 grams
  • Face size (Diameter x Height): 44 x 12 mm
  • Box size (DxH): 89 x 89 mm
  • Splashproof (not waterproof)
  • Watch band width: 20 mm
  • Free shipment to metropolitan France from 80€ spent

Why bamboo?

  1. Easy to plant, harvest, use and recycle
  2. Regrows after being cut
  3. Low water needs
  4. Generates the biggest biomass in the shortest time (some species grows up to 1mm every 90 seconds)
  5. Bamboo absorbs 5x more CO2 than trees on the same area, while producing 35% more O2
  6. Bamboo roots stabilize grounds and its leaves improve water infiltration in the floor
  7. Produces its own antibacterial agent (human treatment free)
  8. Edible (antioxidant and mineralizing benefits)
  9. Better mechanical properties than steel or concrete

Additional information

Weight120 g
Dimensions89 × 89 × 89 mm
Type de Bracelet

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