Product design

Product design

It is frustrating to realize that a complex product is not reliable or does not encounter the success you count on due to design errors. Thanks to my services, get a chance to avoid those mistakes.

Product design: errors that can kill your business

Even the biggest brands continue to make design mistakes. Working in a stressful atmosphere and short designing/producting schedules do not always allow the team in charge of product development to think about the tiny details nor a spontaneous reaction based on years of practice on the field. Often you only know what is wrong after you lived the situation.
Avoid those tiny design mistakes that could cost a lot to your company, or disappointment from your customers.

Projects I’m collaborating with

Qaou Outdoor is an outdoor company located in southeast of France that aims to design highly functional and versatile trekking gears with a minimal footprint. The lack of chemical products is the reason why the fabric is white.


My Utility Bag is a company located in Biarritz that aims to product well designed backpacks for business traveller. I helped with the first backpack design in 2013 under the brand name AG Sportbags.

K-lamp is a lighting company from Bearn in Southwest of France. Its owner is a true mountain biking enthusiast. It made sense to him to put his know-how into a lamp that could benefit the whole biking community at a really fair price.

Companies I’m developing products with (soon)

In January 2022, Thierry (the Chapeau’s Hut warden) introduce me to Franck from Upcyde (the contraction of Upcycling and Design). After we met, Franck introduced me to another upcycling company: Redeem Equipment . Currently I haven’t started any project with these two amazing engaged businesses. I hope our collaboration will encounter a lot of success in designing clever upcycled outdoor gears in the following years. 🙂



I have hired Julien for a 6 month mission and I would recommend him to whoever is looking for a serious, reliable, intelligent et efficient employee. Julien is one of these persons you are glad they have crossed your path. He understands fast and works in great autonomy achieving great results regarding how young he is! He is now (2013) on a world tour adventure, very intelligently organized for his professional (SEO, web marketing, blogging, product testing, sports, travel guides, etc.) and language skills to grow while he travels. At the end of his world tour, whenever he is ready to settle I will be first in the list to hire him !

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