Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Discover the Mont-Blanc range from your bike

Mountain Biking is a sport activity you can do in so many different ways that everyone can enjoy it. From the quiet Sunday ride to the expedition on multiple days, mountain biking will always be fun!

All Mountain MTB: Guided tours in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Photo Credit: Quentin Iglésis

Rates and contact

I work with three bike rental shops depending your location:

  • Chamonix Mont-Blanc: Legend CHX
  • Megève: Alpes Aventures
  • Saint Gervais les Bains / Combloux: Riding Zone



Each mountain biking guided tour is personalised. Fell free to contact me below:


    For €2,06/day, it’s highly recommended to subscribe a personal accident insurance  as we evolve in a potentially dangerous environment.


    E-MTBiking guided tour: Mont Joly

    Each guided tour is different. Here is an E-Mountain Biking example.

    I have specifically created this E-Mountain biking tour as a preparation for the Tour du Mont Blanc. It re-creates some of the difficulties you can expect during 4-5 days. Consider mountain biking for 5 hours plus and extra two hours recharging your battery during lunch.

    This mountain biking quotation system is indicative. Hire me as a mountain biking guide or evolve at your own risk. Please, do not overestimate your capacities. Mountain can be a hostile environment and falls being significant with serious consequences. Download the MTBiking notation guide for a better understanding.

    Equipment and MTB Settings

    What you should take for this mountain biking tour

    For your own comfort, please follow these recommendations to fully enjoy our guided mountain biking tour in Mont-Blanc area.


    • Cyclist shorts with padding
    • Shorts or long leggings (if cold)
    • Synthetic short sleeves T-shirt.
    • Polarised sunglasses
    • Gloves & Helmet (included if rental)
    • Eventually elbow/knee pads (included if rental)


    • Backpack 15L/person min.
    • Water Tank 1.5L/person min.
    • Cereals bars and dry fruits
    • A credit card for the bike deposit (up to €1500/MTB)
    • Cash (€) for a beverage in refuge
    • Wind/rain jacket


    Everyone has different preferences to set his/her mountain bike. Please specify in the comments box of the shop’s website if you want to:

    • Mount your own pedals (shops have Shimano & Crankbrothers)
    • Reverse your break (Right hand: front break)
    • Your weight fully equipped to adjust (E)-bike suspensions

    Legend CHX

    The widest bicycle choice around Chamonix

    With more than 80 bikes available for rental Legend CHX offers the most important choice of bicycles around Chamonix either muscular or electric, hardtail or dual suspensions. They also provide solutions for kids and babies. Good point: Helmets, body protections and repair kit are included for free with your bike rental.

    To book your bicycles with Legend CHX, the best way is to visit their website and select the bike you want to rent. The next page will show you a form for this specific bike: price rates, your dates, rider height, pedals and brakes preferences. If you want different bicycles, specify the model and your preferences for each rider in the “comments” area.

    E-bikes you can rent from Legend CHX


    Directions (click on the map)



    • In high season, I advise you to book 2 weeks – 1 month in advance if you want e-bikes or enduro bikes.
    • Booking will only be completed once you’d paid the 20% deposit for your rental.
    • Make sure you have a sufficient balance on your account for safety deposit (up to 1500€/bike)
    • All booking starts between 9:00 and 10:00 am
    • Shop is closed between 12:30 and 03:00 pm (or 02:00 pm between July 14th to August 15th)
    • You cannot park your car on Legend’s carpark . Customers can park 15min max.

    Alpes Aventures

    Rental shop in Megève: Alpes Aventures

    Alpes Aventures is a brand new rental shop in Megève helped by a bigger group called Dvélos. They have around 20 muscular and electric bikes to rent. They provide their own guiding experience and offer different destinations depending your project, as well as courses to improve your mountain biking skills. Alpes Aventures’ website is well designed to find any type of informations quickly.

    E-bikes you can rent from Alpes Aventures


    Directions (click on the map)


    Riding Zone

    The closest e-bike rental near Saint Gervais and Combloux

    Riding Zone is well located in Combloux if you live nearby. You can park for free on the city council carpark. They only have a dozen of e-bike to rent either “Trek Rail” or “Giant Trance X E+”. They don’t have a website. Call them to know e-bikes availability.

    Directions (click on the map)