MTB Coaching

MTB Coaching

Play with your bike instead of suffering the track

Mountain biking is an activity that requires a good physical condition as well as a wide range of technical skills. Singletrails we aim to ride are full of obstacles more or less easy to jump over. Learn how to approach them to fully enjoy your ride.

mountain bike trials demo


2 hours lesson for 1 to 2 people: €130.
Coaching will be more efficient with your own bike. Feel free to contact me for more details.


    For €2,06/day, it’s highly recommended to subscribe a personal accident insurance  as we evolve in a potentially dangerous environment.


    Going over an obstacle on your MTB

    Crossing an obstacle and being able to maintain your back wheel traction are helpful uphill. Frustration comes quickly when you trip over a stone, forcing you to push or carry your bike a few meters again and again. By working on your ability to fly over obstacles, going uphill will become a game with only one rule: “no foot down” !

    If you don’t have your mountain bike with you, you can rent the Giant Talon 29 0 from Legend CHX, more appropriate to develop essential mountain biking skills.

    Bike Rental Chamonix Giant Talon 29 0


    Picking up the best line to ride on your MTB

    Choosing the best and safest line to ride your MTB is an important downhill exercise. Going faster pushes the rider to look further in order to anticipate and avoid the different obstacles along the track. Working on your front wheel grip as well as your commitment is easier going downhill..

    If you don’t have your mountain bike with you, you can rent the Giant Trance X 29 1 from Legend CHX which has a better geometry for downhill exercises.

    Bike rental Chamonix Trance X 29 1

    Together, these two exercises will put more fun in your mountain bike rides!

    Clothing and MTB Settings

    What you should wear for these lessons


    Here are some recommendations :

      • Shorts allowing wide movements
      • Synthetic short sleeves T-shirt
      • (Sun)glasses protection
      • Gloves, Helmet et elbow/knee pads
      • Backpack 10L/person minimum
      • 1 L of water/person minimum
      • Cereals bars and dry fruits
      • Credit card for the deposit if you rent a bike (€200-600/MTB)


    Everyone has different preferences to set his/her mountain bike. Please specify in the message box at the checkout if you want to:

    • Mount your own pedals, handles, handlebars or seat post
    • Reverse your break (Right hand: front break)
    • Set specific suspensions values (prestress, compression, rebound)

    Protections and Repair kit can be provided for free with your rental by Legend CHX (Helmet, gloves, knee pads, spare tube, patches and pump).