Famous Hikes

Famous Hikes

Three great hikes in Chamonix

Here are three famous hikes that will take you to the most breathtaking points of view in the valley of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. Using lifts will save you a good effort. These three unmissable hikes will take around 3 to 5 hours and are accessible to kids full of energy.

Rates and Contact


1 to 4 people

  • €150 / 4hrs
  • €240 / 7hrs

5 to 8 people

  • €170 / 4hrs
  • €260 / 7hrs


These three hikes in Chamonix are just an example among many others you can do. Regarding your number, level of practice and time allowed I’ll create an unique and private hiking adventure!


    For €1,70/day, it’s highly recommended to subscribe a personal accident insurance  as we evolve in a potentially dangerous environment.


    A mountain leader is not just a guide leading you on a track. My set of skills goes way beyond this. I aim to help you to:

    • understand why the nature that surrounds us looks the way it does
    • show you something you would have missed otherwise
    • teach you how to evolve in mountains to be efficient and stable
    • lead you where you would not dare to go on your own
    • make sure you are safe and can keep up our trip
    • share my experience and check you have the right gears for a trek or a bivy

    You can discover where I led my latest clients by clicking on the following picture. I try to upload new content on my Instagram account as much as I can.


    What you should take for this hike

    For your own comfort, please follow these recommendations to fully enjoy our guided hike in Mont-Blanc area.


    Humility is the key if you want to enjoy a wonderful experience in the mountains. Their is no point under/over estimating your physical capacities. Choose the fitness level that suits you the best for the past month:

    Beginner: I do a physical activity 30min to 2h/week. I’m capable of a continuous effort for 20min max. (3hrs activity)

    Intermediate: I train 2h to 8h weekly. I like being fit and I can handle a continuous effort for an hour. (6hrs activity)

    Trained: I train 8 to 12h weekly and I have a strava/garmin account to follow my performances. You can take me anywhere, I don’t mind biting my tongue when it’s really hard (multiple days trip).