Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt

Orienteering: a crucial know-how in the mountains

Discover orienteering in a fun way and share this experience with your teenagers. Young people dream of self-reliance and want to live their own adventures. With this game, your teenagers will become more independent and you will have peace of mind.



To solve all clues, this treasure hunt takes at least 2 hours. This can be extended by adding more clues. Fill the form to build this project together.


    Jacques Balmat: First ascent of Mont-Blanc

    Seas and oceans of the world are not the only ones to hide treasures of an inestimable value. In Chamonix, the legend tells us that stone giants live on our summits. They sculpt crystals in the heart of the most remote mountains. Many men died trying to robe those precious gems. But one day a Man with no wife and no kids came down alive. On his deathbed, the story says he addressed his will to his youngest brother revealing where his chest full of secrets was hidden. The youngest brother was bad finding his bearings. He never found the chest. Almost 200 years later, the Will is always bequeath to the youngest brother. Only one sentence that does not make sense could allow the beginning of the research:


    If we find the key to crack the code, we will go for a 2 to 4 hours adventure solving clues one after another to put your hand on this booty!


    What to wear and take for this treasure hunt?

      • Sportswear according the weather forecast
      • Running/hiking shoes with studs
      • Windproof/Rainproof jacket
      • Backpack 10L minimum (at least one by adult)
      • Cereals bars or dried/hard fruits
      • Stewed fruits
      • 1L of water/person MINIMUM
    • If you rent bikes: a credit Card for the Safety Deposit (No American Express)

    Meeting Point

    La maison nordique